There are 2.41 billion Facebook users worldwide. Of course, not all those people are going will be looking for a business like yours. Even so, it’s a safe bet that a large proportion of your potential customers do use Facebook. It’s statistics like this that make most businesses set up a Facebook business page.

But there are many businesses that have never explored the full potential of the platform. If you are not getting the engagement on Facebook that you had hoped for, it might be time to make some changes. Here are ten easy ways that you can make your Facebook business page work much better for you.

1. Use the Right Page Template

Facebook offers a range of business page templates. There are different page layouts for different sectors. Some of the page templates do look similar, but they do offer industry-specific benefits. The template for venues, for example, allows you to display upcoming events. The services template makes it easy for visitors to find the services that you offer. The template for restaurants and cafés allows you to display your menus. Using one of the industry-specific Facebook templates avoids you having to use the one-size-fits-all business page.

2. Make Full Use of the About Section

The about section is the first thing that people will look at on your Facebook business page. It is important that you complete all the fields that are applicable to your business. An incomplete about section suggests to a visitor that the page is not well maintained. Take time to think about the descriptions of your business, and don’t forget to add your website URL. Remember, this could be the first time that a visitor has come across your business. So, it’s important that you make a good first impression.

3. Upload a Quality Cover Image or Video

Make full use of the cover of your Facebook page. That space at the top of your page is in a prime location to grab the attention of a visitor. You can use that space to promote your business in an eye-catching way. Your Facebook cover image doesn’t need to be only your business logo. You can also use the cover to display a brand message. You could have a summary of your services or products on the cover. Or, you could promote a special offer or an event. The cover of your Facebook doesn’t have to be a static image either. You can use short videos as well. There are lots of possible ways of using this prime real estate on Facebook. So, make the most of this valuable space.

4. Stay On-Brand

Remember that your Facebook business page is an extension of your brand. Your brand identity on Facebook must be the same as it is on other platforms. Everything you post on Facebook should have a business purpose. You can post humorous or off-the-wall content on your Facebook business page. But, your content must be on-brand and it must have a business goal.

5. Consistency Is Key

People “like” Facebook business pages because they want to keep up to date with the brand. In that respect, your likes are no different from someone subscribing to a mailing list. Posting new content on a regular basis will encourage more likes. And, it will engage your Facebook community. Consistency in your Facebook posting is essential. If you can’t post daily or weekly, at least post monthly. That will keep your users coming back for more.

6. Keep Posts Interesting and Relevant

Vary the types of posts that you make on your Facebook page to keep the page interesting. Remember that you can use images, infographics, videos, and links to blog posts. Make the content on your Facebook page different from the content on other platforms. People often use Facebook business pages to discover more about a brand. They will not want to see only the content they have already seen on other platforms on your Facebook page.

7. Use Facebook as the “Backdoor” Into Your Business

Remember that Facebook is a “social” media platform. It is a space where people interact with, family, friends, and Facebook communities. The social aspect of Facebook makes it perfect for showcasing the human side of a business. You can post behind the scenes stories and images on your Facebook business page. You could introduce visitors to key members of your staff. The content should still be relevant to your brand, but it can be more personal in nature on your Facebook page.

8. Offer Exclusives

Another way to capitalize on the personal appeal of a Facebook page is to use it for exclusive offers. You could offer Facebook users special, time-limited discount codes, for example. That would give people a reason to come back to your page. Exclusive offers will also encourage the sharing of your posts. You might also use Facebook to launch new products and promote special events. You can promote these Facebook offers on your website and on other platforms. But, making them Facebook only offers will drive more users to your Facebook page.

9. Interact with Other Facebook users

Never lose sight of the fact that Facebook is a community. Interact with your own users and with other Facebook pages. Respond to comments left on your Facebook page. It’s another way to show the human side of your brand. Plus, comments can provide valuable feedback. Like other business pages in your niche as well. And, comment on posts on other business pages. Interacting with other Facebook pages related to your own niche will help people find your own page.  You will also find that other businesses will reciprocate with likes and comments on your page.

10. Boost Posts and Use Facebook Advertising

Once you have optimized your Facebook page, you can start using Facebook advertising. Organic traffic on Facebook is becoming more difficult to achieve. But, the paid options for advertising and boosting posts can be very effective. You can use the paid options to increase traffic to your website. It is on your website that you will be able to convert visitors into customers. Paid Facebook advertising will also increase the popularity of your Facebook business page. It will attract more likes and comments.


If a business makes a commitment to Facebook, the platform can be a valuable source of leads. Facebook also provides an effective way of communicating with customers.

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism of late. The platform has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Despite that, Facebook can still provide an excellent way for a business to get their message out to a wide audience. The first step, though, is to make your Facebook page look smart and professional.